„Scheisse ausgekippt“: John Lennons Wutbrief an Paul McCartney steht online


You really think the press are beneath me/you? Do you think that? Who do you think we/you are? The ‘self-indulgent doesn’t realize who he is hurting’ bit —I hope you realize what s*** you and the rest of my ‘kind and unselfish’ friends laid on Yoko and me, since we’ve been together.

It might have sometimes been a bit more subtle or should I say ‘middle class’—but not often. We both ‘rose above it’ quite a few times—& forgave you two—so it’s the least you can do for us—you noble people.—Linda—if you don’t care what I say—shut up!—let Paul write—or whatever.

When asked about what I thought originally concerning MBE, etc.—I told them as best as I can remember—and I do remember squirming a little—don’t you, Paul?—or do you—as I suspect—still believe it all? I’ll forgive Paul for encouraging the Beatles—if he forgives me for the same—for being—‘honest with me and caring too much’! F****** hell, Linda, you’re not writing for Beatle book!!!

I’m not ashamed of the Beatles—(I did start it all) —but of some of the s*** we took to make them so big—I thought we all felt that way in varying degrees—obviously not.

Do you really think most of today’s art came about because of the Beatles?—I don’t believe you’re that insane—Paul—do you believe that? When you stop believing it you might wake up! Didn’t we always say we were part of the movement—not all of it?—Of course, we changed the world—but try and follow it through—GET OFF YOUR GOLD DISC AND FLY!

Don’t give me that Aunty Gin s*** about ‘in five years I’ll look back as a different person’—don’t you see that’s what’s happening NOW!—If I only knew THEN what I know NOW—you seemed to have missed that point….

Excuse me if I use ‘Beatle Space’ to talk about whatever I want—obviously if they keep asking Beatle questions—I’ll answer them—and get as much John and Yoko Space as I can—they ask me about Paul and I answer—I know some of it gets personal—but whether you believe it or not I try and answer straight—and the bits they use are obviously the juicy bits—I don’t resent your husband—I’m sorry for him. I know the Beatles are ‘quite nice people’—I’m one of them—they’re also just as big b******* as anyone else—so get off your high horse!—by the way—we’ve had more intelligent interest in our new activities in one year than we had throughout the Beatle era.


Eine wilde Achterbahnfahrt der Gefühle: 5 emotionale Momente in „The Last of Us“

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Paul McCartney: „Flaming Pie“-Reissue

Das 1997 erschienene Paul McCartney Album „Flaming Pie“ erscheint noch einmal – und zwar diesen Sommer. Am 31. Juli wird die Deluxe-Version des Longplayers auf den Markt gebracht. McCartney ohne Ende Das Reissue besteht aus fünf Tonträgern: Fünf davon sind CDs und enthalten das neu gemasterte Originalalbum, Demos, Studio-Outtakes sowie Aufnahmen von Zuhause, B-Seiten, Highlights der Oobu-Joobu-Radioserie von 1995 und sogar eine Audio-Tour durch McCartneys Haus. Die anderen beiden Scheiben sind DVDs, welche die „In the World Tonight“-Dokumentation, Musikvideos, ein Interview mit David Frost sowie mehrere elektronische Pressemappen enthalten. Die Box enthält außerdem ein Buch, in dem auf 128 Seiten…
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