Prince: Seine Mitmusiker finden die ergreifendsten Worte – “Jetzt sind er und Michael Jackson bei Gott – und debattieren”


Prince: Seine Mitmusiker finden die ergreifendsten Worte – “Jetzt sind er und Michael Jackson bei Gott – und debattieren”

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Prince ist tot. Die Welt verneigt sich vor ihm. Während noch darüber gerätselt wird, woran der Ausnahmemusiker im Alter von 57 Jahren gestorben ist, fluten die Kondolenzbekundungen das Netz.

US-Präsident Obama trauert, Stars wie Madonna, Mick Jagger und Slash.

Aber was sagen diejenigen, die Prince noch besser kannten – seine (ehemaligen) Mitmusiker und Lebensgefährtinnen?

Wir haben einige Statements von Twitter und Facebook versammelt.

Ingrid Chavez  (“Lovesexy”- und “Graffiti Bridge”-Muse, 1988-1990)

“U gave me wings & songs 2sing. I’m eternally grateful. It’s springtime in heaven where your light will 4ever shine.”

Manuela Testolini (Ex-Ehefrau)

“just told Prince this week that I am building a school in his name to thank him for encouraging me to start in a Perfect World. I’m beyond heartbroken that he won’t be there to see that come to fruition. love4oneantoher.”

Levi Seacer (Bassist/Gitarrist)

My Friend is gone, words cannot express how I feel. The Greatest Musician in the World, took his timeto teach me, mentor me and share his life with me. The stage experience was great, but the private conversations priceless. He is with GOD now debating with Michael who really was Bad lol! my friend you are truly missed.

Catherine “Cat” Glover (Tour-Tänzerin)

“Today is one of the orst days of my Life. I’ve lost my great friend and I will never be the same. There’s no words i can say right now. I need time to grieve with my family and take this all in.”

Jill Jones (Protegé)

“Love is love.
And when you have held it in your heart and it’s lived in your soul, there is no explanation that can make it understandable or make it feel right when you lose someone who moved through you and you through them.
We are living in a time where the gurus and great leaders who have fulfilled their mission on this planet are transitioning and leaving us. We must remember that we are all connected and the greater glory and purpose of it all is completing its cycle.
As sad as it seems, it’s a glorious time to be alive, to witness this, because God is letting us know that he is near. One would be a fool not to examine what is going on spiritually in the world when people (leaders in their field and craft and talent) who have completed their mission; their departure changes us as much as their presence did.
We are all a part of this.
I will always love him deeply. And I will see him in the next life.

Sheila E. (Schlagzeugerin)


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