Jesse Malin


1. Elton John – „Goodbye Yellow Brick Road“
(Vinematic pointed anger ) 2. The Clash – „London Calling“
(A punk rock Exile On Main Street)

3. Neil Young – „Harvest“
(Sunday morning coming down

4. Chuck Berry – „The Great Twenty-eight“

5. The Ramones – „Road to Ruin“
(Form a band, write a song, change the world)

6. Bruce Springsteen – „Nebraska“
(Paint the picture through the darkness)

7. The Replacements – „Tim“
(Guitar on your shoulders, heart on your sleeve, spit on the microphone)

8. Wilco – „Yankee Hotel Fox Trot“
(Yearning in the modern world)

9. The Rolling Stones – „Goat’s Head Soup“
(Dark and dirty, warm by the fire, bottles of red wine)

10. The Jam – „Settings Son“
(Education across the pond, working class issues, wonderful story telling, a different system to buck)