Scott Matthew


1. Cat Power – „Covers Album“
this album gave me license to pursue my dream of being a balladeer. I saw her perform this album in nyc in a small venue and the audience’s reaction was amazing-either crying or almost having sex with their partner. So moving in so many ways to different people. I went home and wrote songs.

2. Low – „Secret Name Album“
never had I heard a band with such consistent intention. Unashamed sadness and beauty with the vocals of an angel. I am a vocal junkie so when I heard mimi’s voice I felt a rush through my veins.

3. Morrissey – „Viva Hate“
All I can say is „this night has opened my eyes, and I will never be the same again“ so instrumental in me being fascinated by music and lyrics. Also my first pop star crush.

4. Roberta Flack „Do What You Gotta Do“
This song has been recorded by many but none reach the unrelenting power of roberta’s version. She doesn’t stop to let you catch your breath.It also speaks to me about just about every relationship I have had. If only I could sing it like her. one of my life long dreams.

5. This Mortal Coil „Song To The Siren“
A classic case of a cover showing the true essence of a song. This rendition still haunts me as it did the first time I heard it.

6. Suede – „Suede“
This album represents an amazing time in my life of self discovery and rebellion. This band for me saved popular music with such a force. It was pop star magic with talent . the album is still on high rotation in my world.

7. Nina Simone – „He Needs Me“
I am always drawn to and obsessed with the „he treats me bad but I will stay anyway“ songs like this beautiful rendition . don’t explain is another one. Its so not politically correct to voice those sentiments these days. Its just so wonderfully tragic I can’t help but love it.

8. Antony And The Johnsons – „I am a bird now“
This record hit me like a cyclone leaving me bare boned and ravished. I am so happy he is in the world and more than that revered for who he is and its not just his sexuality i respond to and respect its so much deeper than that. I want him to hold me like a mother when I hear this album. Now that’s deep and maybe a little disturbing.

9. ChetBaker – „Let’s Get Lost“
like a cognac on a cold winters night. I adore his vocals . I first heard him very young and It was a major influence on me wanting to be a singer

10. Everything But The Girl „Eden“
Tracey Thorn’s lyrics are exceptional in their honesty and are made more
poignant because she was involved with her bandmate (Ben Watt).