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Unique: Rolling Stone, Musikexpress and Metal Hammer make common cause!

Special times demand special actions. That’s why the editorial offices of Rolling Stone, Musikexpress and Metal Hammer have joined forces to give you a small private concert in the coming weeks from Monday to Friday at 7pm. And this on all three websites at the same time! Our #DaheimDabeiKonzerte are a unique event – each of the three music editors have chosen artists, together we present them now. So our #DaheimDabeiKonzerte offer sometimes a metal act, sometimes a songwriter and sometimes an electro pop band. Because music connects. Take a look, let yourself be surprised – and stay healthy!

Our colleagues from MUSIKEXPRESS and the Swedish indie rockers Mando Diao are connected by a long history: From the award of „Record of the Month“ for their „Sgt. Pepper’s“-like masterpiece ODE TO OCHRASY to the studio visit in L.A., where the band just recorded their European No.1 hit „Dance With Somebody“ and thus managed the jump from the indie discos to the stage of „Wetten, dass…? In addition, they were regular guests on the playlists of many of our party series with such hits as „Sheepdog“ and „Down In The Past“.

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In the course of their 20-year career, the group has far surpassed their great idols Oasis in terms of their love of experimentation: 60s rock, disco beats, dialect folk and perfect pop as only Swedes can make it, see ABBA, Roxette, The Cardigans – Mando Diao have always faced new adventures and their success proves them right to this day. They even coped with the departure of their co-bandleader Gustaf Norén five years ago and entered the charts last year with their second album in a new constellation – programmatic title: BANG.

Mando Diao live at #DaheimDabeiKonzerte: Montag, Mai 11th at 7pm CET on, und

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