Dear Reader: Pre-Stream & „Track by Track“-Review zum neuen Album


Am 6. Dezember erscheint “We Followed Every Sound”, das neue Live-Album von Dear Reader. In einer „Track by Track“-Übersicht erzählt die Frontfrau und Songschreiberin Cherilyn MacNeil wie es sich angefühlt hat, ihre Stücke mit einem Orchester im Rücken zu spielen (Texte auf Englisch):

Man of the Book:

I love the way that we started this song (and the set) quite normally, playing the song as just like we do as a band, and then when the orchestra comes in on the stabs in the first verse it’s a wonderful surprise. From there on out the orchestra takes this songs to it’s furthest extremes, at times positively apocalyptic, later ending with such perfect tenderness.

Took Them Away:

This is a really gorgeous arrangement. I especially love the second verse with it’s sparkling water drops on the flutes, harp and chimes. And then later the bridge explodes and soars, full of fire and drama. Listening to it makes me wish I could have an orchestra with me every time I play.


I think this is a wonderful reinvention of this old favorite and this version has such a broad, soaring atmosphere. I especially love hearing the bridge played by a full string section, so warm and full-bodied. And then when the strings are joined by the woodwinds and our voices it feels like everything is floating.

Teller of Truths:

My favorite part of this arrangement is the delicate pizzicato that punctuates the song. It was also such fun performing this live with real timpani. The orchestra  creates a really nostalgic feeling here, making the perfect bed over which to tell the story.

Good Hope:

I absolutely love this arrangement. The original song is very bare and left a lot of room for adding the orchestral arrangements. The strings are gorgeous throughout, and I especially love the medieval sounding flute on the bridge.

Down Under, Mining:

Max added a lot of different textures to this piece, both light and dark, and in a couple of moments even changed the harmony, which always surprises and delights me. We decided instead of singing the low vocals lines to have them played on the cellos and double basses, which turned out beautifully. And I love the use of the bells. I get a a strong sense of longing when I listen to this song.

MAN idealistic animals:

This song is dark and dramatic, and is one of my favourites, which is why I wanted to do it with the orchestra. We used the flutes and woodwinds to re-create the synth parts on the choruses, which I think works really well. I love the arrangement of the outro in this version. So soaring and beautiful.


This song is always loud and bombastic and that was taken to a whole new level with the blazing horn and string sections in this version. There are so many wonderful layers on so many different instruments, and I think it’s the kind of thing where you can discover something different on each new listen.

From Now On:

This is my favourite song on the album. I’m in love with the xylophone (most probably because I played in a percussion orchestra as a child). The horns and strings create such a sad and beautiful atmosphere, and the bridge reminds me of a scene from an old Disney movie. For me, this version for me beats the studio album version hands down.

Great White Bear:

I think this is gorgeous arrangement and a special version of this well-loved song. Once again there are so many stunning moments. And the ending is so powerful in this version. It comes in with a serious punch, and then washes over you in wave after wave of drama. Epic in the way only an orchestra can be.

Cruelty On Beauty On:

This is another personal favourite of mine, and for me is the most experimental arrangement on the record. It’s really far out. Max seems to have drawn on really eclectic influences here and there are little surprises throughout the song. This arrangement also revealed to me a whole new way to think about the tambourine.

Back from the Dead:

I feel like this song was made to be performed with an orchestra and this is the song realising it’s full potential. This performance is so full of emotion, but it’s released slowly and surely throughout the piece until at the end it suddenly explodes with feeling. It’s the perfect ending to what was a really special concert and personal life-highlight for me.

Hören Sie das Live-Album “We Followed Every Sound” ab jetzt hier im Stream. Aktuelle Tourdaten von Dear Reader finden sie unterhalb des Players: