Die Songs des Jahres 2015: Birgit Fuß


Die Songs des Jahres 2015: Birgit Fuß

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  1. Dawes: “All Your Favorite Bands”
  2. Noel Gallagher: “The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes”
  3. Adele: “Million Years Ago”
  4. The Decemberists: “The Singer Adresses His Audience”
  5. Don Henley: “The Cost Of Living”
  6. Faith No More: “Sunny Side Up”
  7. Thea Gilmore: “My Voice”
  8. Donald Cumming: “Game Of The Heart”
  9. Sophie Hunger: “Queen Drifter”
  10. Robert Forster: “A Poet Walks”
  11. Paul Weller: “I’m Where I Should Be”
  12. Jason Isbell: “If It Takes A Lifetime”
  13. Tobias Jesso Jr: “Can We Still Be Friends”
  14. Loretta: “God’s Happy Man”
  15. Ryan Adams: “Welcome To New York”
  16. Chris Cornell: “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart”
  17. Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard: “Alice In Hulaland”
  18. The Truffauts: “She’s Hugging Trees”
  19. Brandon Flowers: “Dreams Come True”
  20. Dee Snider: “To Hell And Back”
Birgit Fuß
Birgit Fuß

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