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IMA-Gewinnerin FUTURE: Holly Herndon

Mehr über den INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AWARD 2019 erfahrt Ihr auf dessen Homepage und dem Instagram-Account.

„No Time To Die“: Songtext und Video von Billie Eilishs Bond-Song

Mit „No Time To Die“ hat Billie Eilish ihren James-Bond-Song veröffentlicht (wie gut er ist, lesen Sie hier). Billie Eilish – „No Time To Die“ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB_S2qFh5lU Lyrics: I should have known I'd leave alone Just goes to show That the blood you bleed is just the blood you oweWe were a pair But I saw you there Too much to bear You were my life, but life is far away from fair Was I stupid to love you? Was I reckless to help? Was it obvious to everybody else?That I'd fallen for a lieYou were never on my side Fool me once, fool me…
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